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Parties during probation hint at challenges ahead for new greek life policies

On Wednesday, greek leaders and administrators agreed on a party registration compromise with rules that are even more nuanced and, therefore, more difficult to enforce than the complete ban we've seen the past five weeks. Read More »


Local columnist takes aim at ‘Mustang Way’

In a column published Saturday, Tribune editor Joe Tarica took aim at the Mustang Way, which he called a “trite and overused sports cliché.” Read More »


Mustang News reporter gives updates on greek social probation

Greek life could be on probation for at least another week, as national fraternity and sorority chapters are getting involved with the negotiations here at Cal Poly. Read More »


Facebook photo claims to show way-too-rare Campus Dining meat

How rare is too rare? Read More »


Admin oversteps with proposed policy

Details emerge about proposed greek party registration policy

A copy of the draft policy, obtained by Mustang News and confirmed by a source familiar with the ongoing negotiations, outlines the limitations that must be agreed upon as part of a new party-registration policy. Read More »


After internal confusion, no greek probation for now

The Dean of Students told greek leaders in an email late Tuesday afternoon that they were given a “grace period” to finish hammering out the details on a new party registration policy, and that Cal Poly greek chapters were never on probation. Read More »


Greeks backtrack on ‘Colonial Bros and Nava-hos’ apology

Leaders of the Cal Poly greek community clarified their apology for the “Colonial Bros and Nava-hos” party Tuesday, shifting blame away from fraternities and sororities that might have been involved with it. Read More »


ASI Board of Directors votes to stay on quarters

The ASI Board of Directors also formally supported quarters earlier this year, after 89.8 percent of voting students shot down semesters in a February vote. Read More »

Board of Directors

‘Nava-hos’ party unanimously criticized at forum

Attendees at a campus forum Friday spent more than an hour criticizing a “Colonial Bros and Nava-hos”-themed party Cal Poly is investigating, as well as the students who participated in it. Read More »