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Mustang News named best website at Associated Collegiate Press conference

The Mustang News staff took home top honors for best website, best feature story and best sports column in addition to 16 other awards this weekend at a national journalism convention. Read More »


The (picket) line in the sand

To strike, or not to strike — this is the real question put upon Cal Poly faculty this week as... Read More »

poster of coffee cup that says "grounds for strike"

Then there were two

The Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), presidential debate saw more than the one anticipated candidate when biomedical senior Nha Ha announced... Read More »

Social sciences junior Katie Morrow (left) and biomedical engineering senior Nha Ha (right) spoke at the ASI presidential debate in the University Union Plaza on Thursday. —Kaytlyn Leslie/Mustang Daily

Music department honors former trombonist

The Cal Poly Music Department also announced plans to remember former part-time faculty member Roy Main, who died from a... Read More »

Stock photo.

Music department loses its ‘heartbeat’

  Ross Sears, a percussion teacher in the Cal Poly music department, died March 18 at the age of 61.... Read More »


iJournalist, hear me text

Looking around the newsroom today I noticed something: every Mustang Daily nightly staff member has an iPhone, except me. How... Read More »


It’s no wonder I live on coffee

Just a note: This was written before Thanksgiving break because I’m a bit of a slacker some weeks, so enjoy... Read More »


Mustang Daily goes to Florida

Last week, the managing editor and I, accompanied by our advertising coordinator Stephanie Murawski, traveled to Orlando for the ACP/CMA... Read More »


Do Mustang Daily editors dream of newsprint sheep?

I remember my first Mustang Daily dream: I was sitting at my desk, specifically reserved for the news editor, focusing... Read More »


miSt@kes happpen … but we fix them

So I’m not the best blogger in the world. Actually, I’ve never really blogged before this exact moment, so sitting... Read More »