When moms take on social media

It’s not every day President Obama has to pick up the slack for his liberal media accomplices, but last week, he realized they had gone too far. Under the pressure of the ever-so-powerful social media revolution that helped get him elected, Obama was forced to do some serious damage control.

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen started a media firestorm (on all digital platforms) after she crudely commented that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life.” In fact, only hours after the comment was made, the number of Tweets about Mitt Romney’s wife exceeded the number of Tweets about Justin Bieber — Bieber has close to 20 million followers.

Rosen’s snide comment provoked Ann to create her own Twitter account and respond in her very first Tweet: “I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work.”

Sorry, Rosen. You don’t mess with stay-at-home moms — even they use Twitter these days. And we can’t forget that most of Obama’s supporters are women.

Currently, approximately  23 percent of American families have a stay-at-home mom. Coming from a family with five siblings, I feel very fortunate my mom was able to stay at home to raise our family. I would never discredit the work she has done in her 28-plus years of motherhood. It’s a tough line of work that comes with no raise incentives.

And to discredit someone’s understanding of the economy for this reason is nonsense. Who usually buys the groceries in any family? Who typically takes care of the bills? Stay-at-home moms probably know more about the economy than most men do.

Obviously, stay-at-home motherhood is a vocation, which means that it isn’t for everyone. But what ever happened to the freedom of choice and the concept of mutual understanding? Should not the dignity of women be respected, regardless of the vocation they choose?

Apparently, Bill Maher doesn’t think so. Maher found it necessary to expand upon Rosen’s words, arguing: “What she meant to say, I think, was that Ann Romney has never gotten her ass out of the house to work.”

Realizing his political allies could be harming his re-election chances, Obama decided to take some time to defend mothers across America and distance himself from these comments, but not before the damage was done. The liberal media machine had once again exposed itself as one of the most prejudicial, discriminatory and anti-choice forces in our society today.

Women who choose the traditional family lifestyle never seem to get any respect from the mainstream media. Normalcy simply isn’t “cool” anymore, and women who choose this lifestyle are judged for submitting to an “unfulfilling” vocation.

This social transformation has developed ever since the emergence of modern, second-wave feminism. Feminist Gloria Steinem once called Kay Bailey Hutchinson a “female impersonator” and called Sarah Palin “the wrong kind of woman.” This decades-old kind of petty ridicule and discrimination is rooted in hatred (possibly even jealousy), and it ultimately harms the dignity of women in the world.

Modern feminists seem to associate the advancement of women with the disintegration of traditional family values, when this could not be further from the truth. I’m not a woman, but it seems to me that the fulfillment of one’s goals would equate to advancement, regardless of gender. If a woman wants to stay at home and raise a family, she should be allowed to do so without receiving ridicule from her so-called allies.

Feminists reject this traditional lifestyle as a threat to their own political power, and extend this rejection to all conservative women who hold traditional values.

Whether you love her or hate her, Palin seemed to fulfill the expectations of traditionalists and feminists as both a mother and professional. Yet, she was the constant target of attacks by liberal feminists during the election campaign, and was called a “cunt” and a “dumb twat” by the liberal pundit Maher.

For those who continue to beat down the apologetic Rush Limbaugh for calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” on radio, don’t forget that conservative news journalist Laura Ingraham was called a “right-wing slut” by MSNBC host Ed Schultz. Yet liberals set aside the latter as if it never happened and transformed Fluke into a feminist heroine. And we can’t forget how Keith Olbermann Tweeted that conservative columnist S.E. Cupp was “a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does.”

Woah there, buddy.

Clearly, society’s expectation of conservative women is that they have a thick skin. Women on the right are shamefully ignored as if they are not “progressive” enough to engage in modern social or political discussion. And as soon as they receive any public attention, they are slandered and belittled by the mainstream media.

If the left wishes to keep this anti-woman agenda up, the results will be quite visible in the 2012 presidential election. When the hockey moms of America join forces with the soccer moms, no amount of feminist pandering will be enough to save Obama.


Emily Olson says:

Thanks for sticking up for stay at home moms. I’m happy my mom was able to stay home too–and no, she didn’t marry into the 1%, my dad just worked really hard to be the sole financial provider for the five of us. I’m grateful for the example they both set for me.

Excellent Article says:

Thank you for writing this article, it seems that most of those who attack mothers who stay at home to raise the next generation of America are the ones who had no mother staying at home with them or their mother’s didn’t give a damn about them because they were too busy socializing and sleeping with other men at their work place. It’s time to wake up and proclaim feminism as a destructive force to humanity.

Repack Rider says:

Columnist Cupp was congratulating Ann Romney for having the good sense to marry a 1% rich guy. Every woman should marry into the 1% that owns 40% of the United States.

That concept is why you are not a math major, and not even a very good English major.

Did Mr. Obama attack Planned Parenthood? Did he try to put roadblocks in place for women seeking legal abortions? Did he champion and sign the Lily Ledbetter Act? Is Michelle Obama an accomplished professional IN ADDITION to being a wonderful mother?

pringle for president says:

Can each of the two columnists currently writing political opinion pieces for cal poly just switch majors and please stop writing? It seems as though each time I turn to the mustang daily for some sort of news on campus I end up reading an article from liberal lasagna man or his equally unintelligent conservative counterpart. While I may lack the grammatical expertise these two gentlemen have, it does not take an engineering major to realize these two routinely present their ideas with their heads jammed up their asses. Liberal man needs to quit with the conservative bashing and the conservative guy needs to close his bible and open his eyes because half of these posts that I read were more well informed than Mr. pringle. Seriously dude, you are an entirely special kind of stupid if you really believe Gloria Steinem is jealous of Palin.

P.s. Mr. Pringle i was a huge fan of your chips, but as of now i am boycotting them until you write something, anything, that doesnt make me feel as though Im reading a dumbed down version of a fox news report

Name! says:

“The liberal media machine had once again exposed itself as one of the most prejudicial, discriminatory and anti-choice forces in our society today.”

^ LOL Did you read your own post?

“If the left wishes to keep this anti-woman agenda up, the results will be quite visible in the 2012 presidential election.”

Yup, that’s not prejudicial or discriminatory.

Also, the “right” isn’t discriminatory? How about the discrimination against homosexuals. Or the lack of freedom of choice (w/ regards to abortion). But I guess that’s not discriminatory because homosexuality and abortion is a sin because the Christian bible says so.

Both sides discriminate. Both sides say dumb things.

Lol says:

I agree entirely, Brendan, but I think you forgot to mention all the good that the Taliban is doing for women when you started misconstruing information.

I respect women says:

How are you an english major? A stay at home Mom is a choice…for upper class women who have husbands, or wives, with a high paying job. But in this tough economic times, with the Republican party pushing for middle class taxes, how is someone supposed to just stay at home? Romney himself said he thinks everyone should work and not be on welfare.

“And to discredit someone’s understanding of the economy for this reason is nonsense. Who usually buys the groceries in any family? Who typically takes care of the bills? Stay-at-home moms probably know more about the economy than most men do.” Regarding this, I don’t think anyone was saying Mrs. Romney doesn’t know anything about the economy, and I don’t think anyone cares what she knows, she is not running for president. Also, because someone buys stuff or clicks buttons on PGE website to pay bills doesn’t make someone economically intelligent, especially someone with Mrs. Romney’s budget.

Now this: “But what ever happened to the freedom of choice and the concept of mutual understanding? Should not the dignity of women be respected, regardless of the vocation they choose?” is probably the most hypocritical statement I’ve heard recently. What did ever happen to freedom of choice? Shouldn’t we respect the dignity of women? Recently, I would say the Republican party has done more damage to women than the Democrats have ever done. Gov. Walker of Wisconsin just signed a bill repealing equal pay for women. Republicans voted against the Violence Against Women Act, which helps protect women from domestic violence. “Who can forget Virginia’s Republican legislators who felt they were more knowledgeable about a woman’s health than her doctor — by seeking to force women to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound?” (source:http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0412/75143.html) House Republicans have introduced more than 30 bills that would restrict a woman’s reproductive health care. Those same Republicans, who decry an all-too-powerful government, have no problem deciding what health care is right for our daughters, or sisters or mothers.

Im running out of time to pick apart the rest of the argument, I have to get to work. But I’ll leave with this:
Restating what was on Fox News yesterday is not considered opinion or journalism. Disregarding everything the Republican Party has been doing for the past few months against women’s rights, from abortion rights to revoking equal pay, is sad, and saying the Democrats are anti-women while claiming superiority is pathetic. State both sides, realize that no party is superior, and try saying your “facts” to a woman’s face and see how she reacts.

Name! says:


I respect men, women, and hermaphrodites says:

Mr. I respect women,

The problem with the focal point of your post, is that you carry the “War on Women” banner is if it’s self-evident that the Republicans have declared war and began the ground assault on the Women’s Republic of America. There are serious flaws with all of the strategically-titled legislation you have named that would be principally problematic to any conservative or libertarian:

-The Violence Against Women Act costs a few billion dollars, has had no empirical evidence to prove it’s been effective since inception, and has been changed explicitly by Democrats to provide more funding to illegal immigrants in what appears to be an effort to pander on an important election year. It has no place in federal law whatsoever. This is a piece of legislation that would be more appropriate in a state, if that state felt it was worth their time and money. That probably wouldn’t happen though, because the bill is about politics and not performance. And it has nothing to do with Mr. Pringle’s statement about choice and mutual understanding.

-The law passed in Wisconsin that repeals the Equal Pay Enforcement Act is actually pretty interesting. It essentially removes the ability of employees to sue their employers for punitive and compensatory damages, while still allowing for them to sue based on gender discrimination to be “made whole.” That means they can still sue in state courts for the difference between what their male counterparts get and what they got. They are no longer allowed to sue for the even more abstract damages in state courts, although they can in federal courts under federal laws. Again, no evidence to indicate that the law has been effective at its goals, yet there is evidence that money has been leeched from taxpayers and private businesses in order to enrich a select few. So the question to ask is: has the price WI has paid for allowing the law to be used as a tool of exploit balance out with the immeasurable benefit it has provided to women and society as a whole? You’re entitled to your own conclusion, but be honest and don’t pretend that it’s so self-evidently male oppression over women.

-As for the “Abortion; informed consent” law in Virginia…I really hate arguing about abortion because it’s useless. The bottom line is, the law was drafted to dissuade abortion and possibly increase safety by requiring an ultrasound, which in many cases would need to be a transvaginal ultrasound, which is a valid medical procedure. It’s not state-sponsored rape. If one chooses to get pregnant, and then chooses to get an abortion, then the responsibility of the ultrasound is on them. I personally am not a fan of the government telling doctors what to do, but because the topic is abortion it just isn’t that simple. Opponents of abortion honestly believe it is the state being complicit in murder. You don’t have to agree with that logic, but it isn’t malicious, it isn’t state-sponsored rape, and it is not part of an orchestrated assault on women.

The so-called “War on Women” is obviously just hyperbole in order to get women that independent voters to support Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

And finally, I suggest everyone read this interesting report by the Dallas Federal Reserve about how much less time Americans need to spend working today than ever before in order to meet their basic needs. The idea that women who stay at home are privileged, because middle class people can’t do it, is simply inaccurate. Culturally most Americans have changed to prefer having more money and buying newer and more things than living modestly and focusing on raising children.

I respect women says:

Thank you for your response. I appreciate the time you took into it, honestly. However, I have two things to argue.

I agree arguing about abortions are pointless, but like it or not, its part of our politics today. I’ll just assume you’ve never had a colonoscopy and I’ll assume that you’re not a woman, so you’ve probably never had anything up and in your body. It’s not fun. Its even less fun when the government says I need to do it to possibly protect my body or my future. I honestly don’t understand any legislation or ideas coming from the Republicans concerning abortions. Somehow the party that is anti-large government and intervention feels the need to intervene in the most private of matters.

Second, Arizona Republicans have signed a law marking the moment of life 2 weeks before a baby is conceived. It defies logic and science. I don’t really have much else to say about it, except that it seems one party in America hates women having their own personal voice.