Eco art on display at FrameWorks

Artwork made from reclaimed or reused materials including eggshells and obsolete Polaroid cameras will be on display today at the 4th annual ECO Art Reception and Benefit at FrameWorks Gallery, where 15 percent of the proceeds will be donated to The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County to protect the Black Lake Preserve.

“This is a great event to attend because it’s a bit off the beaten path,” gallery director Sara Egerer said. “It is edgy and shows a different and fun way of using art.”

Art ECO was created by Egerer as an outgrowth of passion for constructing art from reclaimed materials. This venue allows her and other artists to exhibit their unique creations while participating in an event that assists the community.

There are 13 local artists participating, who have created functional pieces as well as wall art for this green design event. Egerer constructed two of the pieces that will be at the event — a cross titled “Mixed Blessing” and a piece called “Killing Time” named after a quote by Dion Boucicault.

“I enjoy creating art that possess a duplicity of being visually appealing while conceptually challenging. My goal is for my art to evoke a sense of apprehensive attraction in its viewer,” Egerer said.

One stimulating shoe sculpture, “Combat Stiletto,” was made by Larry Le Brane. This remarkable one of a kind artwork is made of bullet-clad platforms and stiletto knife heels. Le Brane’s piece provokes a warrior essence and creative stand on the nature of stilettos. He started with the bullets, which led him deeper into the design of the shoe.

“I’m drawn to explore and combine found materials and fused glass in absurd and visually-appealing ways,” Le Brane said of his art.

Another artist, Maggie Ragatz, created “Eva on the Half-Shell” and “Shell Chandelier.” Both these are made of egg shells assembled in an imaginative approach. She came about the design after collecting blue Araucana egg shells from a food share box.

“My strategy is hoarding materials until an idea comes,” Ragatz said.

This will be the first time this one-of-a-kind artwork has been seen in the county. The art was chosen through a submission process whereby each artist had to present their work along with a description, title, pricing and materials used.

Art ECO will be held at FrameWorks at 339 Marsh Street from 6 to 9 p.m. To view the artwork and for more information about this event go to The prices of the art vary, but the event is free.


Bo Curbow says:

This acrticale is very fasinating. In fact its ironic it mentioned saving the world by using recycable and resued materials to make the art because i belive in Go green and protecting the earths enviroment. Art has always fasinated me, and this is something that definetly catches my eye.
– Bo Curbow