Photos of Election Day 2012 in San Luis Obispo.

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Cal Poly was one of 19 polling stations in San Luis Obispo where students could cast their vote on Election Day. Chumash Auditorium saw long lines throughout the day as eligible voters got ready to vote.

Chumash Auditorium was a popular polling station among young voters on Election Day. “We all have our opinions,” environmental engineering freshman Maya Harcourt said. “We should do something about it instead of just talk about it.”

“I’m definitely ready for this election to be over,” mechanical engineering senior Ryan Javier said. “I’ve been watching all the ads, debates and propaganda.”

“I’m feeling very confident in terms of the mayor election here in San Luis Obispo,” mayor Jan Marx said.

“I’ve had a very busy day as any candidate does,” city council member John Ashbaugh said.

“I’ve had a lot of good response from my supports in town so I think we’re going to be OK,” vice mayor and city council candidate Dan Carpenter said. “But you never know.”

The Democratic Party of San Luis Obispo gather at The Graduate to watch Obama take the stage in Chicago.