U.S. should free itself from entangling alliances


Conservative Constitutionalist with Colin McKim

Conservative Constitutionalist with Colin McKim


A few weeks ago I mentioned the threat posed by piracy as an excuse for another ‘war on terror.’ This week, I would like to step back to examine the greater issues at hand. The ‘war on terror’ is not the only method governments are using to enhance their authority at home and abroad. American and foreign government officials have increased efforts lately to increase global oversight and regulation over a broad spectrum of topics. Operating within international organizations with globalist agendas, heads of state and their advisors have revealed radical plans to transform government as we know it, creating what is popularly referred to as ‘a new world order.’

Founding father Thomas Jefferson once advised: “Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.” Today, globalists have infiltrated both major American political parties, working tirelessly toward forming powerful new alliances to compromise U.S. sovereignty and create a world government. The United Nations (UN) is the principal method towards achieving this goal of world government. America has been using the UN as a surrogate Congress for declarations of war since the Korean War. UN ‘peacekeeping’ troops and UN-authorized military operations by the United States have created a global police force intent on maintaining status-quo governments and enforcing international rules created by UN architects.

Commenting on the recent rocket launch by North Korea, President Obama asserted, “Some will break the rules, but that is why we need a structure in place that ensures that when any nation does, they will face the consequences.”

Obama has surrounded himself with advisors and filled his branch with bureaucrats who share his globalist agenda. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recently stated he was open to supporting a global currency proposal from China while attending a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) event. These types of comments are typical from CFR members, whose membership roster includes many in Obama’s cabinet, staff and executive departments. For decades, the CFR has worked to infiltrate governments with members who share the private organization’s globalist agenda. Several U.S. presidents and many cabinet members have been CFR members, as well as many major corporations and philanthropic organizations.

At the April London Summit of the G20 organization, heads of state and officials from the top 20 economically influential nations and the international organizations of the UN, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and European Union presented globalist solutions to the pressing issue of the financial mess. Some of the proposals discussed included enhancing the power of the IMF to create a world central bank, much in line with the vision of IMF founding advisor John Maynard Kenynes. In a closing speech at the G20 summit, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared, “A new world order is emerging.” An agenda of replacing sovereign national governments with a ‘new world order’ under the guise of peaceful international diplomacy has ingrained itself into psyche of leaders around the world.

Organizations such as the CFR, UN and G20 have in the past, and will most certainly in the future, work to implement international management of crime, poverty and environmental issues in addition to the finance sector and military operations. On his recent trip to Mexico, Obama stated his goal of the Senate passing the Inter-American Convention Against Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms (CIFTA) as a solution to the black-market importation of firearms into Mexico. This treaty severely compromises privacy rights and the Second Amendment here at home, as well as harming prosperous and innovative businesses in the American arms manufacturing and ammunition reloading industries. As I discussed in my very first column, Obama is working to increase foreign aid spending, principally through the UN, in a vain attempt to cure global poverty. The UN is promoting global regulation of carbon dioxide emissions and the creation of a new, more subtly subversive replacement to the Kyoto Protocol in an attempt to get the United States to submit to regulation by foreigners.

Last July speaking in Berlin, Obama echoed globalist goals, stating, “But the burdens of global citizenship continue to bind us together. A change of leadership in Washington will not lift this burden. In this new century, Americans and Europeans alike will be required to do more — not less. Partnership and cooperation among nations is not a choice; it is the one way, the only way, to protect our common security and advance our common humanity.”

A global state is morally wrong on several points. First and foremost, such a state runs completely contrary to the principals this nation was founded on and ordained in our constitution. Many of the founding fathers of America left oppressive governments in Europe to settle in the colonies, which offered greater freedom. As the British government increased their control over the colonies, the settlers revolted and established a new union of states in a republic. To promote a return to a condition where America is simply a satellite controlled by foreigners is blatantly unpatriotic. A global state offers no refuge for individuals dissatisfied with life under a particular government. So far there is only one inhabitable planet, and to unify control under a single government leaves no choice for those seeking the life they choose but to submit to the state or be crushed.

While the globalists labor to unify the world under their control, so must the opposition to stop them. The strategy that offers the best hope of sinking this battleship flying international colors is to utilize the established two-party system in the United States to organize the opposition. In his response to Obama’s State of the Union speech, Republican Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, noted that for in order to rebuild the party its leaders must return to the principals of “limited government, fiscal discipline and personal responsibility.” These core Republican principals run completely contrary to the globalist ideals, and so, the Republican Party must reorganize to counter the growing globalist threat. The party must ostracize globalist insiders and use its established following to spread the word about the plans for the ‘new world order’ before it takes root. Rather than just voicing their simple opposition to the Obama administration, republicans must address the core of the issue, which has remained in the dark for far too long.

Obama and Vice President Biden (a self-acknowledged internationalist) will continue down the path toward establishing positions for themselves in a new world government unless enough Americans wake up and take notice. The prospect of a global regime, I can assure you is very real, and will likely resemble more of an Orwellian dystopia where the oligarchs line their pockets and subjugate the citizens rather than the utopia the globalists market their goals as.

There is no doubt that the only significant change in the new administration is that of increasing government control by accelerating the pace towards a centralized monetary and political system. There is no doubt of Obama’s intentions for a new world order, and he is sometimes blunt. Speaking in April he said, “All nations must come together to build a stronger, global regime.” Americans must take careful note of the words and actions of our government if we are to stop this juggernaut. Using our constitutional system to elect representatives and senators who will fight infringements of our national sovereignty offers a voice for the true desires of Americans for our future. Republicans and democrats alike must make the next election cycle a clear message of anti-globalist sentiment to the Obama administration. The power to vote was vested in us to prevent our leaders from taking advantage of us; do your research and make your vote count, before it’s too late.


Jason says:

Colin, you have such little hope in America! I can understand that considering the disasterous 8 years of the Conservative Constitutionalist fiasco of the Bush/Cheney years. They ruined our economy resulting the the collapse of the global economy, prompting the likes of Britian and Germany and France to call for stricter regulations of all financial institutions on the world stage so that what happened during the Bush/Cheney years won’t happen again. And lets not even get started on Iraq and Bush/Cheney’s total failure in Afganistan!
But alas The Sky is not Falling Chicken Little! The Sky is not Falling! Yet. The constituional Republicans are notorious liars and are masters at whipping up mass hysteria.
Why the Mustang Daily loves being party to that I never understood.