The Coffee Snob: On coffee tables, feet and wise old women

Annie Vainshtein

Over winter break, I walked into my favorite coffee shop, ordered my usual Ethiopian blend pour-over and sunk ...

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Annie Vainshtein chronicles her adventures (and misadventures) with coffee in a recurring column entitled "The Coffee Snob." | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

Street Heat: The evolution of dance

Street Heat is a dance studio where people can train in both contemporary and hip hop style dance. Read More »

Street Heat Dance Studio founder Heidi Asefvaziri considers her studio "a place of creative refuge for students." |  Heidi Asefvaziri/Courtesy photo

A stand-up ovation: Brian Regan charms the PAC

Regan used a unique blend of physical and observational comedy to put his audience in stitches. Read More »

Regan exhibited unmatched skill in turning life's awkward little moments into spot-on stand-up material. | Jerry Metellus/Courtesy photo

Bringing hip hop back

The Hip Hop Congress is back at Cal Poly after a two-year hiatus, and it’s on a mission. Read More »

The Hip Hop Congress aims to educate Cal Poly's student body about hip hop culture's historical roots and impact on society. | Dylan Sun/Mustang News

MakerSpace’s Clay Night brings out the sculptor in everyone

Potentially the best place to make your mom crafts for her birthday. Read More »

Makerspace provides clay, tools and instructions to Clay Night participants, but the rest is up to them. | Georgie de Mattos/Mustang News

Graduating senior seeks to rebuild the world

When graduating architectural engineering senior Caleb Dunne described his experience working in Haiti with Structural Engineering Students for Humanity, nothing could hide the passion in his voice. Read More »

Dunne traveled to Haiti to help locals rebuild their demolished buildings. | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

Gal I met in the pub last night: Volume V

The last “Guy I met in the pub last night” isn’t actually a guy at all. She’s a short, red-haired dancer, teacher and musician named Margaret McCarthy, referred to by nearly everyone as just "Mags." Read More »

"Mags" McCarthy brings a group of students to a hotel for a night of traditional Irish dance and music every Tuesday. | Benjy Egel/Mustang News

PACked with laughs: Brian Regan to perform Thursday

Need a laugh? Regan will hit the PAC on Dec. 4. Read More »

Brian Regan will pack the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center with family-friendly stand-up Thursday, Dec. 4. | Jerry Metellus/Courtesy photo

The Coffee Snob: Does your barista change your oil?

I've been a lot of places in my life — mostly dark places. Dark roast places. And a lot of them serve complimentary coffee. Read More »

Annie Vainshtein chronicles her adventures (and misadventures) with coffee in a recurring column entitled "The Coffee Snob." | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

An a cappella Thanksgiving: That’s the Key rings in holiday season

"That's the (Tur)Key": delightfully cheesy and packed with talent from That's the Key, Cal Poly's newest a cappella group. Read More »

In its concert, the a cappella group sang original renditions of music selections spanning all genres, including 1950s oldies, alternative rock, top-40 pop and the national anthem. | Dylan Sun/Mustang News