An a cappella Thanksgiving: That’s the Key rings in holiday season

"That's the (Tur)Key": delightfully cheesy and packed with talent from That's the Key, Cal Poly's newest a cappella group. Read More »

In its concert, the a cappella group sang original renditions of music selections spanning all genres, including 1950s oldies, alternative rock, top-40 pop and the national anthem. | Dylan Sun/Mustang News

SLO Special Olympics Committee premieres Mockingjay

The San Luis Obispo Special Olympics Committee hosts an early screening of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 to help raise funds for the Special Olympics fall games. Read More »

Hurley Fremont 2

The Audio Files: Ghosts of records past

Your old taste in music is as important as it is embarrassing. Read More »

Business sophomore Finn Warfield DJs for KCPR. He plans to dedicate his future to a life full of music, no matter what. | Dylan Sun/Mustang News

Guidekick: The pocket-friendly historical sidekick

Take a travel guide, an audiobook and a tour guide, wrap them all into a cell-phone-sized package and slip it in users’ pockets or purses. It becomes their tour guide sidekick — a Guidekick. Read More »

The Guidekick team explored Machu Picchu with a tour guide and was unsatisfied with t the experience, which ultimately inspired the Guidekick concept. (Left tonight: CCO Josh Holland, friend and Cal Poly graduate Hector Zhu, CTO Aaron Rivera and CEO Mark Paddon.) | Josh Holland/Courtesy Photo

Guy I met in the pub last night: Volume IV

With no Thanksgiving in Ireland, Christmas celebrations are just around the corner. It’s bartender Keith Lynch’s favorite time of year. Read More »

Benjy Egel is studying abroad in Cork, Ireland, where this week he interviewed a barman named Keith Lynch. | Emily Cruse/Courtesy photo

London-based cast of King Lear to take the PAC stage Tuesday night

Starring in "King Lear" is Joseph Marcell, who played the butler on the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Read More »

The play, presented by Cal Poly Arts, will feature the Shakespearean actors of the traveling Globe Theater from London. | Mustang News file photo

Castration and charades: ‘Betty’s Summer Vacation’ rebukes gossip-obsessed America

The first half of "Betty’s Summer Vacation" could be summed up in three phrases: bloody gloves, disembodied voices and aggressive flashing. Read More »

The rendition of Christopher Durang's dark comedy used shocking vulgarity to reveal society's tabloid obsession and the problem of gossip. Ian Billings/Mustang News

UU to become art gallery for ASI’s Create and Connect

The event will include food and live music, and the Craft Center will open up to participants interested in doing their own hands-on crafts. Read More »

ASI hopes to bring together Cal Poly artists to showcase their work. | Brenna Swanston/Mustang News

An ode to denim

8 reasons that lead us to believe that denim is cooler than you are. Read More »

"Denim is rock and roll," business administration sophomore Ryan Cernik said. | Will Peischel/Mustang News

Pen15 Club’s ‘Manalogues’ get Cal Poly talking

The night kicked off with a classic gender education tool: the Man Box and Lady Box. Read More »

The Gender Equity Center's Pen15 Club holds an event each quarter. | Dylan Sun/Mustang News