Living walls: Z Living Systems brings nature’s tranquility indoors

The idea occurred to Zacks while visiting Europe's vertical gardens, and upon his return to the United States, he started building prototypes in his parents' backyard. Read More »

Z Living Systems installed this living wall in Playa Vista, California, last year. | Jasmine McDermott/Courtesy photos

The Second City to bring in Smile and Nod members for PAC show

Our city meets The Second City. Read More »

Chicago-based comedy troupe The Second City will pull six Cal Poly students — including four Smile and Nod members and two students from the Theatre and Dance Department — onstage at its Feb. 8 PAC performance. | Lisa Woske/Courtesy photo

Roberta Flack slated to kill the PAC softly

Roberta Flack is coming to the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Wednesday, Feb. 4, with a performance of her signature soulful jazz and pop sound. Read More »

Roberta Flack, known for soulful jazz and pop hits from the 1970s, will hit the PAC Wednesday, Feb. 4. | photo

Hollywood Motion Picture Experience: The production studio in the hills

Apparently there's a film production company in San Luis Obispo County. Read More »

Todd Fisher, brother to Carrie Fisher, houses a camera that shot the original Star Wars trilogy at his Creston production studio, Hollywood Motion Picture Experience. | Georgie De Mattos/Mustang News

My sort-of dinner date with the Kardashians

My hands were shaking, I felt unnecessarily nervous and every cell in my body was urging me to just go sit at the table and hug them. Read More »

Jordan Dunn/Mustang News

Out, damned spot! My 3 most shameful coffee stains.

Sometimes coffee’s impact on our lives is harder to wash away than Tide to Go advertisements. I'm talking coffee stains. Read More »

Annie Vainshtein is a Mustang News coffee columnist who write about her adventures (and misadventures) with her favorite caffeinated beverage. | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

Orchesis ‘Releases’ a pleasant surprise

Orchesis’ Winter 2015 modern dance performance “Release” started off with a bang. Read More »

Despite some technical mishaps, the overall quality of "Release's" choreography and storytelling was on point. | Kiel Carreau/Courtesy photo

Trombone Shorty fills tall order

Trombone Shorty in a nutshell: some of the best live music I’ve heard and most awkward old-white-people dancing I’ve ever seen, all under the same roof. Read More »

Trombone Shorty and New Orleans Avenue killed it at their concert Friday, bringing everyone in the PAC to their feet. | Brenna Swanston/Mustang News

Wordsauce: Stirring up genres since 2009

Wordsauce's music is exactly what the band name sounds like — a smooth blend (of music genres). Read More »

Wordsauce brings together musicians from all types of musical backgrounds to create a sound "cross-contaminated" by different genres. | photo

The Expendables return to SLO Brew

The Expendables will head back to San Luis Obispo for their Winter Blackout 2015 tour on Sunday for a sold-out performance. Read More »

The Expendables will play for a sold-out house
at SLO Brewing Co. this Sunday for their Winter Blackout 2015 Tour. | Sly Vegas/Courtesy Photo