Cal Poly Athletics amps up drug testing

This past summer's events caused Athletics to rethink its drug testing policy. Read More »

The summer's events served as a "wakeup call" for Athletics, Director of Athletics Don Oberhelman said. This year, they are testing approximately 50 students every other week, compared to 41 all of last year. | Photo illustration by Joseph Pack/Mustang News

McMillan, football players appear in court

Former Delta Sigma Phi President Gear McMillan and the five Cal Poly football players who allegedly attempted to rob the Delta Sigma Phi house made court appearances this week. Read More »

Both McMillan and the five football players— Cameron Akins, Dominique Love, Kristaan Ivory, Cortland Fort and Jake Brito—made appearances in court this week. | Samantha Pryor/Mustang News

Cal Poly unit caps still uncertain, no response from Chancellor’s Office

Cal Poly has requested their engineering and science-based programs be exempt from the 180 unit cap. Read More »

Instead of cutting  engineering and science-based majors down to the CSU-mandated 180 unit cap, Cal Poly is attempting to raise the programs' cap to 192 units. | Photo illustration by Joseph Pack/Mustang News

Food, henna and a cultural education: CultureFest 2014

Musical performances, cultural dances and ethnic food booths were just a few of many attractions at CultureFest. Read More »

The festival was sponsored by the MultiCultural Center (MCC) and the Dean of Students. |Iliana Arroyos/Mustang News

IFC has record-breaking fall rush

Approximately 1,100 men participated in rush, 300-400 more than usual. Read More »

Because of the spike in recruits, the average amount of bids given per fraternity house increased from 25 to 28. | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

Cal Poly’s food pantry is fully stocked

Any hungry Cal Poly student can go to the PULSE office and ask for food from the food pantry. Read More »

PULSE's food pantry is open to any Cal Poly student. | Emily Kucera/Special to Mustang News

Faculty association battles for new contract with CSU system

The CFA and Cal Poly have been fighting for a fair contract, but it's been proving hard to come to an agreement. Read More »

The San Luis Obispo CFA hosted a booth on campus two weeks ago to promote a fair contract for Cal Poly faculty. | Lindsy Mobley/Mustang News

Campus Climate Survey: The numbers, the successes, the problems

The survey indicated 1,410 respondents had experienced “exclusionary, intimidating, offensive and/or hostile conduct” at Cal Poly. Read More »

Forums discussing the survey results were held in Chumash Auditorium, located in the Julian A. McPhee University Union. | Celina Oseguera/Mustang News

Mustang News Now: 1-Minute update

Mustang News anchor Leah Horner has the headlines you need to know going into this week. Read More »

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The 19 percent: Women in engineering

“You literally can’t win.” Sometimes, that’s how computer science junior Nicole Giusti feels as a woman in the College of Engineering, where men make up more than 80 percent of the population. Read More »

Women make up approximately 19 percent of the College of Engineering. To feel more comfortable, many join female-focused academic clubs, such as WISH and SWE. | Harrison Cheung/Mustang News