Is studying 25-35 hours a week realistic?

"You would get A’s in all your classes if you studied 25-35 hours per week." Read More »

Cal Poly is not alone in promoting these academic guidelines. During the time Cal Poly Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey worked at the University of Arizona, students were advised to spend two hours a week studying for every hour in class, he said.

5-Minute Update: Hunger Banquet opens eyes, Bandfest at Cal Poly

Mustang News anchor Julian Del Gaudio covers today’s top stories at Cal Poly. Read More »


And the mascot’s name is …

Cal Poly has chosen a name for its live horse mascot. Read More »

One of the live mustang mascots. | Courtesy of Cal Poly

ASI survey recommends pub, movie theater in UU

A pub and a movie theater are among the top 10 recommendations for improvement of the UU made by students, faculty and staff through an April survey of the ASI Facility Master Plan. Read More »

A survey conducted by ASI asked students, staff and faculty for recommendations about improvements to ASI-managed facilities. | Mustang News File Photo

Deer and squirrels and skunks, oh my: Road kill on campus

According to Facility Services Bob Selders, small and large animal deaths on campus usually don't go over four per year. Read More »

Though road kill at Cal Poly is rare, it most commonly happens during summer and fall. | Mustang News file photo; icons courtesy of The Noun Project

5-Minute Update: Student-made bike pedals, Students conduct research at Cal Poly Pier

Mustang News anchor Allison Edmonds covers today’s top stories at Cal Poly. Read More »


Faces of Movember

In case you didn’t know, it’s No Shave November. Read More »

You can participate in Woodstock's Movember event to get discounts and support a good cause. | Woodstock's/Courtesy Photo

Here’s how much you’ll be fined for parking violations

The city of San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly's parking violation fees are similar in cost. Read More »

Over 7,000 expired meter citations were given out on campus between 2013 and 2014. | Celina Oseguera/Mustang News

Net neutrality: 6 questions you didn’t know to ask

Confused about net neutrality? Here's what you need to know. Read More »

Without net neutrality, companies would have to pay more to ensure quick loading speeds online — even though Internet users are already paying for a certain speed. | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

Grades ain’t nothing but a letter: San Luis Coastal Unified School District eliminates letter grades

Students dedicate years of their lives to get a certain letter grade. One school district has decided to change this. Read More »

The district focuses on specific skills such as collaboration, problem solving and responsibility. Each skill is looked at individually instead of receiving a general letter grade for all of them. Daniel Dempster/Mustang News