Governor Brown signs ‘sip and spit’ bill: underage students now able to taste wine

The law will allow California public university students enrolled in enology or brewing programs to taste wine in a classroom setting. Read More »

“The bill is not at all about underage drinking," wine and viticulture senior Shannon Leary said. "It's about professionally tasting wine, so it's sip and spit." | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

To expand global programs, Cal Poly adds international student fee

Cal Poly will increase international student’s tuition by $150 per quarter beginning in fall, and the newly established fee is set to increase in 2015. Read More »

International student fees are set to increase. | Maggie Kaiserman/Mustang News

Administrators discuss selling KCPR’s radio license

Campus administrators are discussing selling KCPR’s radio license, according to an article by Cal Coast News. Read More »

KCPR hosts offered to send nude pictures over Snapchat in return for $20 donations to the station. | Sean McMinn/Mustang News

Dean: Campus convinced admin to keep Cross Cultural Centers in UU

Building 52 originally presented an opportunity to increase space for the Cross Cultural Centers, which includes the Gender Equity Center, Pride Center and MultiCultural Center. Read More »

Dean of Students Jean DeCosta, who oversees the Cross Cultural Centers, said input from students and others on campus was the deciding factor on keeping the Cross Cultural Centers in the University Union. | Mustang News File Photo

Cross Cultural Centers to stay in UU

After an end-of-school standoff between Cross Cultural Centers supporters and Cal Poly administrators over the future location of the center, the university has chosen to keep it in its current home inside the Julian A. McPhee University Union (UU). Read More »

A student walks by the Pride Center at its current location in the Julian A. McPhee University Union. | Zach Maher/Mustang News

5 SLO concerts you won’t want to miss this summer

If you're in need of some entertainment this summer, check out these five concerts in the San Luis Obispo area. Read More »

Lady Antebellum

‘Earn By Doing’ nothing new at Cal Poly

Is the increased focus on earning while at Cal Poly a recent development? A look through Cal Poly’s history shows that “Earn By Doing” is hardly a new idea. Read More »

With roots in Cal Poly's early years, there are still approximately 45 enterprise projects on campus today with 400-500 students in them. Students receive academic credit for these projects and many come with the possibility of making money. | University Archives, California Polytechnic State University

“Architecture Graveyard” needs serious repair — and new name

College of Architecture and Environmental Design dean Christine Theodoropoulos is meeting with administrators to discuss removing or renovating some of the "Architecture Graveyard" buildings. Read More »

The College of Architecture and Environmental Design dean has been talking with administrators to renovate and replace some of the structures in the "Architecture Graveyard." | Sophia Liu/Mustang News

Cal Poly’s CalGeo chapter a ‘Rising Star’

Rising stars — that’s what the California Geotechnical Engineers Association (CalGeo) decided Cal Poly’s student chapter was. Read More »

Cal Poly's California Geotechnical Engineers Association chapter goes on industry tours to learn more about the field. | Courtesy Photo

Is Cal Poly ready for powdered alcohol?

No one knows how powdered alcohol will affect the body, said Scott Bisheff, emergency medicine doctor at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. Read More »

The University Police Department declined to comment about powdered alcohol, with Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier saying that police do not want to speculate because there haven’t been any cases of powdered alcohol seen by the agency. | Mustang News File Photo