UPD introduces new on-campus walking escort program

Now the escort van won't be the only way to get to your on-campus home. Read More »

UPD is looking for 10-15 students to work in the Mustang Patrol. Applications are on the MustangJOBS website. | File photo/Mustang News

Cal Poly unit cap agreement reached

All the majors Cal Poly requested to go over 180 units were approved. Read More »

The 180 unit cap was implemented by the CSU Chancellor's Office January 2013. | Mustang News File Photo

WOW and SOAR mandatory starting Fall 2015

New freshman will be required to participate in the SOAR and Week of Welcome (WOW) orientation programs starting in Fall 2015. Read More »

WOW and SOAR will be mandatory for Cal Poly's new classes, starting Fall 2015. | Mustang News File Photo

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here: Cal Poly students leave California for winter break

Not every Cal Poly student is staying in the Golden State for winter break. Read More »

Some places students are traveling to include Bora Bora and China. | Creative Commons

‘Monster storm’ heads to San Luis Obispo

Expect rain tonight, with the possibility of heavy rainfall, and a thunderstorm. Read More »

Heavy storms are expected Thursday and Friday. | Kyle McCarty/Mustang News

All you can eat: Food intolerances and campus dining

Food intolerances and allergies are not rare at Cal Poly. In fact, they are so common that the university has hired Megan Coats, a registered dietitian, to educate campus dining staff about the difference between allergies and intolerances, and how to help a student find the right food to eat. Read More »

Cal Poly has hired Megan Coats to help students with food allergies and intolerances find the right food to eat.| Jason Hung/Mustang News

PolyConnect computer labs begin new ‘check-in’ system

The PolyConnect labs in the Robert E. Kennedy Library have set up a new system to help bring down the wait time for computers. Read More »


San Luis Obispo stabilization program: the many ideas to integrate San Luis Obispo neighborhoods

Councilman John Ashbaugh, San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx and Alliance of SLO Neighborhoods have their own ideas. Read More »

Councilman John Ashbaugh, San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx and Alliance of SLO Neighborhoods have their own ideas. | Jason Hung/Mustang News

The baker, the ‘momma,’ the worker: Cal Poly Sage restaurant supervisor Karen May dies of heart attack

"She did something beautiful. She took a group of kids here that, out there, wouldn't make sense together." Read More »

Karen May lived in Morro Bay before she died. | Courtesy Photo/Mustang News.

What to expect at graduation

As fall quarter reaches its end and most students get ready for the holidays, some 942 Cal Poly graduates will walk the stage and have something more to prepare for — the next chapter of their lives. Read More »

Some 942 Cal Poly graduates will walk the stage on Dec. 13 in the Recreation Center. | File Photo/Mustang News