New integrated marketing communications minor to launch Fall 2015

The minor is a mixture of journalism, graphic communication and marketing. Read More »

The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) minor will give students skills in areas such as analytics. | Daniel Dempster/Mustang News

30-Minute Update: Changes come to registration, Cal Poly professor makes organic chocolate

Mustang News anchors Citlaly Santos and Mariah Bravo recap Mustang News' biggest stories this week. Read More »

Weekly 10302014

New fraternity Delta Tau Delta comes to campus

There's a new kid on the fraternity block: Delta Tau Delta. Read More »

The fraternity is currently accepting recruits. |Dakota Greenwich/Mustang News

Off-campus offenses: How to #DrinkSafe

Harry Chang

This weekend offers plenty of reasons to celebrate: Halloween is here, midterms are over and the UC Santa ...

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As Halloween weekend approaches, students are encouraged to make safe decisions when venturing off campus. The Food, Beverage & Services Committee has introduced a handful of safety campaigns. | File photo/Mustang News

UCSB: Keep Halloween ‘safe and local’

UCSB is marketing their “Keep it Safe, Keep it Local,” Halloween campaign through social media and advertisements. Read More »

Increased police enforcement and parking restrictions will be implemented in the Isla Vista area. | Gregory Coumes/Courtesy Photo

History of Homecoming

The annual tradition of Cal Poly's homecoming is more than 100 years old. Its first event, an initiation ceremony for new alumni, took place in June 1907. Read More »

The very first Cal Poly homecoming football game occurred in November 1924. The tradition has lasted ever since. | File photo/Mustang News

Halloween costumes: Where to draw the line

There is a controversial side of Halloween: wearing costumes of other cultures that are not your own. Read More »

Wearing costumes of cultures other than your own can be cultural appropriation. | Iliana Arroyos/Mustang News

Island Supply ships California vibes nationwide

A glance into their display room is all it takes to understand their “look.” Read More »

Partners Evan LaForce and Jimmy Reding started the clothing company Island Supply eight years ago. |Georgie de Mattos/Mustang News

CSU faculty union comes up with contract, Cal Poly has mixed feelings

When the California State University (CSU) system and California Faculty Association (CFA) come together to present a tentative contract for CSU faculty, there are usually a lot of smiling faces in the room. But not this time. Read More »

Cal Poly faculty had various reactions to a tentative agreement for a faculty contract which proposed a relatively low General Salary Increase. | Lindsy Mobley/Mustang News

Symposium academic journal looks to evolve

Symposium is a Cal Poly student-run science and mathematics academic journal. Read More »

The journal would like to eventually have other majors submit their work to the publication. | Dakota Greenwich/Mustang News