Photos: Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’ visits Cal Poly

Bill Nye, “the Science Guy”, made a visit to Cal Poly Wednesday, for a planned demonstration of a solar sailing satellite built in collaboration with students. Read More »

Bill Nye visited Cal Poly on Wednesday. | Kyle McCarty/Mustang News

Police conduct searches in attempted robbery case

Police searched three locations related to this past weekend's attempted robbery on Thursday afternoon, according to a media release from the San Luis Obispo Police Department (SLOPD). Read More »

SLOPD made searches Thursday afternoon in relation to Sunday's attempted robbery - Mustang News File Photo

Cal Poly greeks feel robbery’s impact

Five football players' arrests in an attempted armed robbery of the Delta Sigma Phi main house Sunday morning sent ripples through the Cal Poly greek community. Read More »

Cal Poly's greek community responds to Sunday night's attempted robbery. | Mustang News File Photo

Cal Poly Athletics director talks changes to drug testing policy

There have been ongoing discussions within Athletics about possibly expanding its current drug testing policy. Read More »

Changes may be coming to Cal Poly's drug testing policy | Ian Billings/Mustang News

Armstrong: University will investigate connection between drugs and football team

Armstrong addressed the possible connection between Sunday's attempted robbery and the shooting of ex-football player Geoffrey Hyde in 2013. Hyde was shot in what police said may have been a drug deal gone bad. Read More »

Cal Poly will conduct an investigation and expand athlete testing in the wake of Sunday mornings attempted robbery | Mustang News File Photo

5 football players arrested after fraternity house robbery

Five Cal Poly football players were arrested over the weekend in connection with an armed robbery at the Delta Simga Phi fraternity house. Read More »

Five Cal Poly football players were arrested in connection with an armed robbery at the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house Sunday morning. From left to right, Cameron Akins, Dominique Love, Kristaan Ivory, Cortland Fort and Jake Brito. | Courtesy Photos from San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Cal Poly releases study looking at construction of on-campus facilities, hotel among them

A study exploring the possibility of building an event center and a hotel conference center on Cal Poly’s campus was released by university administrator’s on Wednesday. Read More »

Cal Poly released a study detailing the feasibility of constructing its own hotel conference center and an events center. | J.J. Jenkins/Mustang News

Governor Brown signs ‘sip and spit’ bill: underage students now able to taste wine

The law will allow California public university students enrolled in enology or brewing programs to taste wine in a classroom setting. Read More »

“The bill is not at all about underage drinking," wine and viticulture senior Shannon Leary said. "It's about professionally tasting wine, so it's sip and spit." | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

To expand global programs, Cal Poly adds international student fee

Cal Poly will increase international student’s tuition by $150 per quarter beginning in fall, and the newly established fee is set to increase in 2015. Read More »

International student fees are set to increase. | Maggie Kaiserman/Mustang News

Administrators discuss selling KCPR’s radio license

Campus administrators are discussing selling KCPR’s radio license, according to an article by Cal Coast News. Read More »

KCPR hosts offered to send nude pictures over Snapchat in return for $20 donations to the station. | Sean McMinn/Mustang News