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Digging deeper: A look at the men and women of Cal Poly club volleyball

Cal Poly Club Volleyball is more than just a team. Find out why. Read More »


Spring break across the globe

It may have seemed like it, but not everyone was getting sunburned in Cabo. Read More »


No smoking: Cal States considering tobacco ban

San Luis Obispo became the first city in the world to successfully ban smoking in public places in 1990, and now the California State University system is considering adopting a 100 percent tobacco ban. Read More »

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Cal Poly after dark: A student’s guide to staying safe

As Miley Cyrus' latest hit blares through your friend-of-a-friend's living room, you realize the keg is dry and you decide to get out of there. Walking home from Hathway Avenue can be a daunting task, especially when you start to feel paranoid. Read More »

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Unconventional Study Spots

An audio slideshow that gives a look at some of the more unusual spots Cal Poly students study on campus.... Read More »


MAP: Construction on Campus

As on-campus construction continues, it may be hard to figure out how to get around. Check out our interactive map to know what's going, and avoid arriving in class late. Read More »

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Special election propositions address state budget deficit

Athletes face rigorous testing outside of classrooms

Tree planting project completed after four years

Cal Poly ranks third in country for waves