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Anonymous Policy

Mustang News strives to bring you even and unbiased news coverage of the highest caliber. Sometimes, in the event of a highly sensitive story, anonymous sources may be used. Editors and reporters reserve the right to offer sources anonymity in the event that the paper could not otherwise print information that is important and reliable. Sources are not offered anonymity under normal circumstances or if another, identified source can be used. A source will only remain unidentified if the act of revealing their name would result in legal jeopardy or loss of livelihood. This includes, but is not limited to, the possibility of harassment, termination of employment or direct harm upon the source.

When we choose to use an unidentified source, we at Mustang News accept an obligation to show readers why this particular source is a trustworthy and important part of the story, i.e. how they are knowledgeable about the events related. We are also obliged to confirm said information with at least two other sources when available. In the event of accusations made upon another group, the reporter is required to contact said group for a chance to refute the claims. If no confirmation can be made, the reporter and editors must sincerely consider the validity and motives of the source.

When a source requests to remain anonymous, this does not put Mustang News under obligation to uphold said anonymity in user-generated content, such as comments. This is at the discretion of the editors, and may be based upon the Mustang News web comments policy. In the event they choose to uphold the anonymity of said source, Mustang News editors will remove the name, and inform readers why the name was removed.


GM Collins says:

Am a friend of a Cal Poly freshman who is outraged that frequent sexual assaults occur on & off campus that don’t appear to be vigorously prosecuted or condemned by University officials or, for that matter, by your newspaper! Why am I not reading about action being taken to eliminate these outrageous crimes? They won’t just quietly disappear.