Taco Tuesdays: New best day of the week

Lauren Rabaino

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006: My freshman year. I remember the day perfectly. It was dinner time. I was enjoying Garden Grille’s piece de resistance: a grilled cheese sandwich. Back then, I thought it was delicious; I couldn’t imagine a better dinner on a Tuesday night.

Tuesday Oct. 16, 2007: My sophomore year. It’s etched into my memory. It was dinner time. I was enjoying a delicious chicken breast with asparagus. I had prepared it myself. There was little else in the dinner world I could imagine for my Tuesday night.

Tuesday Oct. 21, 2008: My junior year. It is a little fuzzy. It was pretty late. I was enjoying two chicken tacos. I remember friends sitting with me at a table with upwards of six tacos. I’m getting served this food, but I don’t feel guilty for eating out. Duh, it’s Tuesday night.

You haven’t heard the news? Fridays are so last year. Saturdays don’t stand a chance. If you want my seasoned opinion, Tuesday is the night to look forward to the most.

In the college world it is considered sacrilegious to denounce the weekend as the best two, three, or four days of the week. It’s what we live and study for. Without the weekend, every college student would either burst into stress-related flames, or simply go into hibernation every winter.

So what then? I’m not even 21, I can’t go to a bar, and don’t worry, there aren’t a ton of parties you’ve been missing. What is there, then, that could be so great as to even come close to the magic of the weekend? Two words: Taco Tuesday.

I know that you must be skeptical. But really, can you think of anything better than Chino’s dollar tacos and, if you are lucky enough to be 21, or know someone who is, $2 beers. It’s not only a break from studying, but a break for my bank account.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was a freshman who lived for frat parties and binge drinking Thursday through Saturday, but if I may tear you away from over indulgence for just a moment; Taco Tuesday offers something that no other night can: a chance to sit down with friends, drink a little and procrastinate.

Of course, Taco Tuesday comes with a warning label: Not for those with midterms, finals, papers or alcohol problems. Taco Tuesday may cause those of the thrifty persuasion to do an embarrassing victory dance in the face of several workers and peers.

Side effects of Taco Tuesday may be, but are not limited to, beer pong games after tacos, forgotten homework, making unexpected trips to the bars, eating twelve tacos because you can finally afford it, giving death stares to groups who have been sitting at a prime table for too long, and of course the unexplainable urge to buy everyone a round of beers. Don’t go unprepared, always designate a frugal friend.

Taco Tuesday is not for the timid, but it is the perfect night to take a break from whatever it is that plagues you during the week.

Still not convinced? Come to Chino’s tomorrow, find me, I’ll buy you a taco.

Rachel Newman is an English junior. “That’s What She Said” takes a fresh and lighthearted look at issues at Cal Poly and in San Luis Obispo. The column appears bi-weekly on Mondays.


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